If I didn't have a Lucky Syrup T-shirt...

Hi, I’m Denis. Actually I have 17 Lucky Syrup t-shirts, and the idea to do something bright to Berlin and the people around is mine. Two years in the Metropole have brought extraordinary feelings into my life. My neverending adventures were splashed in this cultural and social cocktail and my life changed. It will never be the same. Natural irony and humor always help me stay a big kid, and not to take life seriously, because I’ve learned from my adventures, that life is not that serious.
Last five years I’ve been thinking about this project, Lucky Syrup. Making t-shirts brings joy, really! If you get the top-quality cotton, good friends help you produce all that stuff, and all that’s left for you to do is to add this secret ingredient - to make and to have fun, pure art.
The idea is - you don’t need to make a tattoo to show your individuality, you don’t have to create graffiti on trains to emphasise your very existance. Just grab one of our limited edition t-shirts and colour the world! Leave Adidas and Nike tees for a fitness club, Armani and Gucci for fashion-addicted. Feel the smiles of the people around you when you wear something peculiar. And I don’t mean only Lucky Syrup, I mean any good t-shirt with outstanding design! Show it us!!!))