New Teez and a little bit more

This last month happened to be eventful, and we are very happy about it since fast-paced life always provides additional energy and emotions that drive progress. We accumulate impressions that make up the puzzle of our identity and define the things to come. This is so true for our small company that gradually emerges in the market.

Here, I would like to express my gratitude to each and one of you who believed in us and found our style fitting for yourself and the special occasions that the T-shirts were bought for. Thank you all!!!

Besides, we made a very important second step: many who saw our posters asked about new releases, and they are here! We came up with long-awaited sweatshirts for breezy summer night and cool days of fall that are to come eventually. Also, next up are our new baseball caps. This small sabbatical took us on a short trip to Germany, Austria, Italy and Croatia that yielded more food for T-shirt related thought than suntan.