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Comic Con Rotterdam

Lucky Syrup Top Quality T-shirts from Berlin | Blog | Comic Con Rotterdam

It was great to be there, to meet amazing people, to share our good vibes and to catch yours! We made special for this event the new tee “Give me art” and it was of course a point of attraction. Limited to 100 it will be sold only from my hands! See you soon!

POSTED BY Denis Lucky ON 2018-03-12, 17:00.

Is it fair?

Lucky Syrup Top Quality T-shirts from Berlin | Blog | Is it fair?

POSTED BY Denis Lucky ON 2018-01-16, 17:00.

Weihnachtsrodeo 2017

Lucky Syrup Top Quality T-shirts from Berlin | Blog | Weihnachtsrodeo 2017

POSTED BY Admin ON 2017-11-27, 16:00.

Show must go on!

Lucky Syrup Top Quality T-shirts from Berlin | Blog | Show must go on!

It’s been a while since we posted something but, of course, not a single minute was spent doing anything but making our product brighter and more striking; we spare no effort improving and bringing our details devilishly close to ideal.

For five days we have represented our products at the Berlin Bazaar in Berlin Messe. Together with our friends from Genle Gin we hugely enjoyed talking to customers and anybody who was magnetized to our extraordinary take on seemingly ordinary things. This is exactly how we market our designs, our prints that are the main ingredient of our treats. Over the five days, our motto (“Cool t-shirts for awesome people”) transformed smoothly into “Extraordinary t-shirts for extraordinary people”. It is because the core philosophy of our brand, as well as of those who already support us (or will do so when the time comes) is the ability to tread beyond the treadmill, to express oneself without reserve by choosing an ingenious and slightly provocative design. Another important thing emerged amidst the non-stop conversations: we do what we do by selling not t-shirts but good mood, character and message. Of course, we understand that setting a good mood is somewhat more intricate than just putting on our cheerful clothes, but we do hope to become a bright building block in the foundation.

POSTED BY Denis Lucky ON 2017-11-24, 12:00.

New Teez and a little bit more

Lucky Syrup Top Quality T-shirts from Berlin | Blog | New Teez and a little bit more

This last month happened to be eventful, and we are very happy about it since fast-paced life always provides additional energy and emotions that drive progress. We accumulate impressions that make up the puzzle of our identity and define the things to come. This is so true for our small company that gradually emerges in the market.

Here, I would like to express my gratitude to each and one of you who believed in us and found our style fitting for yourself and the special occasions that the T-shirts were bought for. Thank you all!!!

Besides, we made a very important second step: many who saw our posters asked about new releases, and they are here! We came up with long-awaited sweatshirts for breezy summer night and cool days of fall that are to come eventually. Also, next up are our new baseball caps. This small sabbatical took us on a short trip to Germany, Austria, Italy and Croatia that yielded more food for T-shirt related thought than suntan.

POSTED BY Denis Lucky ON 2017-07-30, 11:00.