Show must go on!

It’s been a while since we posted something but, of course, not a single minute was spent doing anything but making our product brighter and more striking; we spare no effort improving and bringing our details devilishly close to ideal.

For five days we have represented our products at the Berlin Bazaar in Berlin Messe. Together with our friends from Genle Gin we hugely enjoyed talking to customers and anybody who was magnetized to our extraordinary take on seemingly ordinary things. This is exactly how we market our designs, our prints that are the main ingredient of our treats. Over the five days, our motto (“Cool t-shirts for awesome people”) transformed smoothly into “Extraordinary t-shirts for extraordinary people”. It is because the core philosophy of our brand, as well as of those who already support us (or will do so when the time comes) is the ability to tread beyond the treadmill, to express oneself without reserve by choosing an ingenious and slightly provocative design. Another important thing emerged amidst the non-stop conversations: we do what we do by selling not t-shirts but good mood, character and message. Of course, we understand that setting a good mood is somewhat more intricate than just putting on our cheerful clothes, but we do hope to become a bright building block in the foundation.