Summer in the City

Summer came and I’m glad that we are able to offer our great t-shirts! After all, when can you show your amazing prints to others?! When I wear my Lucky Syrup tees, I catch glances and smiles, it’s a kind of a game – I try to predict your reaction and then I collect these emotions. They make my history, bring the energy to my adventure. Last weekend I chatted with some nice guys about the t-shirt’s quality and remembered one interesting story about so-called 30-years t-shirt. Yes, it’s not a mistake, 30 YEARS! ( It sounds a bit ridiculous (who wants to wear a tee 30 years? Actually I don’t..), but it explains the principle – that guy wanted to create a sustainable fashion. It is an answer for the question that I asked myself hundred times – why do I have to buy new t-shirts every season? Throwaway products have captured the market, consumption became a new religion and a person like me doesn’t have a chance to enjoy his/her favorite t-shirt over decades.
This is exacty why we focused on 200 GSM cotton. It means I can wear my Hungry Rabbit or Mr.Lucky as long as I (!) want and it’ll remain a T-shirt, not a car wash rag. I’d rather get a new design cause I want and not cause the old one is worn threadbare. I don’t like that trick about 30-years t-shirts, but I like to chose how long to wear my tees.