We are committed to using only the best quality materials for goods of our brand. Take, for example, organic cotton, which is not only a current trend, but the most natural material for clothing as well. In the age of plastic industry, artificial dyes and surrogates such fabrics are becoming to be seen as luxuries, even though there is nothing simpler and more natural to make clothes off.

Hidden beneath the seeming simplicity of the goods on our shelves are long material selection, studies of deformation and discoloration, cubic meters of water and laundry detergents, lots of overheating and critical cooling. For us, it is a continuous process because, wearing our own products, we realize the importance of enjoying the clothes longer.

The philosophy of our brand is also based on uniqueness: for an article to reflect individuality, it must not be mass-produced. Hence the idea of limited series. Depending on the design, our products will be released in collections of not more than 100 items, each with a unique number and certificate.

Also unique are our prints. It is an art form of sorts that would hit home with those who are not above hedonism and self-mocking. Riddles and symbols are what you get to go with exquisite quality of the products.

We appreciate and value the pleasure that our buyers get from owning a quality and unique article at an affordable price, so our designers will continue creating cheerful and bright images that bring more hues to our life.